Thomas Delise, Bonneterie Chanteclair

« As in all industries, know-how are disappearing and employees are ageing. We are thus confronted with a very big problem which is the following: how can we pass on the know-how acquired during all the years of a company’s existence to a new generation?

We work with local authorities such as schools or local public educational institutions (Greta) and we also rely on the French national employment service (Pôle Emploi) in order to obtain quality training for people who wish to retrain or improve in a profession.

We also strive internally to train new employees with existing staff by setting up pair work that ensures the transmission of know-how over more or less long periods depending on the specificities of the business. This allows us to train our staff in our image and in the high quality standards required for made in France products. »

Interview conducted at the Made in France Première Vision trade show on March 28/29, 2018.