Jean-Pierre Romiguier, Le Sac du Berger

« The workshop Le Sac du Berger is sponsoring the revival of the wool industry around the Lacaune sheep breed, whose milk is used to produce Roquefort cheese and which is located in the south of Aveyron, in the heart of a region where there is the highest concentration of ewes of the same breed in a department and a half. Little by little, we are re-establishing the practices of the past that were aimed at locally transforming raw materials since we are creating a spinning company that will bear the name of Filature Colbert de Saint-Affrique.

The great interest of this adventure is that the breeders enter the capital of the company, which implies them directly in the revalorization of their wool and thus in the follow-up of the project, an artisan-industrial pilot project in direct link with the producers. The structure, which takes the legal form of a SAS, has been set up with the farmers who hold 50% of the capital. We have created a first position for a person responsible for setting up a training system and ensuring the transmission of know-how. Our goal is to attract young people to the territory so that they can learn about the work of wool. It is worth noting that the spinning activity requires great knowledge both in mechanics and on the properties of raw materials, and in this case of wool. These skills may seem slightly contradictory, but it is also the interest and difficulty of recruiting and training young people with this double profile. »