eXpert by Pechdo, the collection of soft & technical leathers 100% France


Established in the Aveyron region since 1900, Tanneries Pechdo is a human adventure made up of men and women who have been able to adapt products and know-how to the pace of change in their time.

Today, one of the few still independent tanneries in France, Tanneries Pechdo is the only manufacturer in Europe of soft and technical leather made from the flanks of cattle, goats and lambs, intended for gloves, clothing and accessories.

Production is 100% integrated and includes river work, with a team of 35 people and a material supply policy mainly in France. Innovation is at the heart of their daily lives around an R&D team that listens to customers, in a spirit of collaboration and material development towards the uses of a modern and eco-responsible life.

The entire team is proud to have received the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Label (EPV) in 2015 and the « Coup de cœur de l’innovation » Mid’Innov Prize in 2018.

On April 3 and 4, Made in France Première Vision will be the opportunity to present the eXpert leather line with incomparable technical characteristics, but also machine washable leathers, tactile leathers, while keeping flexibility, resistance and elegance. Come and meet them!