Lectra proposes « Fashion On Demand »


« Fashion is constantly changing, we are witnessing a structural change in behaviour and consumption, which are or want to be more and more individualized. This need for individualized and immediate consumption is a real revolution that is already transforming the sector. So what answer, what attitude, what organization, what model should be put in place to face this transformation of consumption, this need for personalization? »

As a pioneer in Industry 4.0, Lectra is helping fashion companies meet their challenges by offering them today an innovative integrated « Fashion On Demand » solution that makes personalization accessible.

A turnkey solution that automates on-demand production, from order receipt to definition of customization options, placement and cutting room. It is the rationalization of processes throughout the production cycle and the optimization of the management of unique and complex requests or very short series. Fashion On Demand is the possibility to produce and deliver personalised clothing to the rhythm of ready-to-wear.

The Lectra team awaits your visit to Made in France Première Vision on April 3 and 4 at the Carreau du Temple in Paris.

Pour plus d’informations www.lectra.com/fr