At Filatures du Parc we don’t lose the thread!

Filatures du Parc is a family business established in 1976 in Brassac in the Tarn, a region traditionally dedicated to the work of wool. It is one of the European leaders in carded spinning and has specialised in the design and production of many yarns – from the most classic to fantasy and technical – for multiple uses, both in clothing and furniture.

Constantly in search of innovations, it has turned for some years, thanks to the will of its manager Fabrice Lodetti, towards sustainable development and more particularly the recycling of textile fibres, by patenting a manufacturing system which allows it to obtain a recycled yarn of very high quality, up to 98% less polluting than a traditional yarn. After pre-glazing and defibering, scraps of used fabrics, clothing and other textiles are transformed into a raw material ready to be spun again. The company has also set up its own network for the recovery of hosiery waste from major knitters in European countries.
Today, Filatures du Parc produces 600 tons of yarn per year, almost half of which comes from fibre recycling. For the company, the bet on the future and the choice of eco-responsibility have proved to be promising because its order book is becoming international and is always full.