Claude Corbière, Cortex / video interview


Cortex is above all synonymous with invention and machines. In 1977 I invented the current technique to make the Fortuny pleat, which has spread to the surface of the planet. Lately, after two years of work, I have succeeded in developing a new process for making different types of pleats – watteau, flat or accordion – « in length », i.e. regular.

The machines I mention to make these pleats are machines that we have built ourselves and we mainly offer to work to order. Unveiling the trade secrets of these machines is a problem because equipment manufacturers are more used to mass production whereas this equipment is primarily a niche material with a relatively limited distribution.

Therefore there is a real dilemma between transmission and confidentiality. We must find a buyer who has both the technical skills and the motivation – this is fundamental – but in whom we can also have complete confidence.