Color design in France


The definition of a color range is an essential step in the design process. It allows for a stylistic intervention even before the choice of materials; it guides collections, determining the style, the season, and sometimes commercial success (who has never heard that the green doesn’t sell?). However, though color may appear as a token of freedom, it must meet strict criteria of tones, hues and levels of saturation in order to achieve a harmonious result.
To help companies meet such criteria, specialized designers sometimes offer their services. This is the case with Isabelle Rodier and Clément Bottier, who work together within Kifabrik, a multidisciplinary team of textile and color designers that combines experiences and practices to develop solutions in the domains of home, architecture and clothing. They work on color ranges, textiles and materials in close collaboration with industrialist partners and clients. Natural dyes and pigments constitute for them a laboratory, an inexhaustible field of experimentation expressed through the practices of dyeing, printing, weaving and knitting.
Each year, Made in France at Première Vision welcomes a selection of industry actors who offer their expertise and services in design to the luxury houses and studios of major brands.

Plantes sèches et extraits de garance, reseda et indigo

Crédits photos : © Kifabrik