1,300 employees of Mode Grand Ouest member companies gathered Friday 22 July in Puy du Fou

Employees and managers presented their companies and know-hows throughout a warm and convivial evening!

For both managers and elected representatives of Mode Grand Ouest, the message was clear: “As company managers, we wish tonight to thank our employees,” said Sylvie CHAILLOUX. Addressing the 1,300 people in attendance, she underlined that, “Your jobs are based on work that goes back in time, based on an expertise that someone one day passed on to you and you, in turn, will grow. Your intellectual abilities and your hands – whether gripping a pencil, pressing the keys of a computer, cutting, guiding fabric under a machine, holding a needle, an iron or even a screwdriver – your hands are inimitable and embody all our industry’s know-how.”  Added Jean-François COULON, also addressing the employees, “Respect and pride in our businesses with ambitious projects for our industry for tomorrow…. Tell everyone around you, “I love my job”…and give yourselves a round of applause.”

“10,000 jobs available over 10 years” – the fashion industry recruits

Mode Grand Ouest today counts 105 members across western France: clothing and footwear manufacturers, branded companies, service and accessories companies, corporate and professional clothing, and partners in the textile, leather and clothing industry. These member companies employ 4,000 people, pay 100 million euros in salaries, 40 million euros in charges each year, and generate a turnover of 350 million euros.

The Textile, Fashion and Leather sector represents 8% of industrial jobs in France.
Business activities are spread throughout western France, providing a source of regional economic balance and local jobs, primarily held by women (CSR).


send your CVs to : lesateliersdelamoderecrutent@modegrandouest.fr