Christèle Merter, La Gentle Factory / video interview

In my opinion, there are two critical steps in French manufacturing. The first, that of the spinning industry where there are very few actors – not to say no more – capable of making French yarn for us, and the last, the manufacturing stage, where the offer has suffered greatly from the massive relocation of certain actors. There are therefore relatively few confectioners left and they are no longer fully organized to meet large volume capacities.

We took the time to move up manufacturing lines by investing financially in production. We bought cutting tables and sewing machines in order to be able to produce between 30,000 and 80,000 T-shirts and sweaters over a full year. This was done gradually, by setting up tests on 5000 parts over the first six months, so as not to put anyone in difficulty or under stress and to be able to check that we were both operational and on time in terms of quality. We knit, weave, dye, manufacture the garments, screen print, make our buttons in France so the Made in France is a serious matter to us.