Chic & Style, shaping elegance

Located near Cholet in the Vendée area, Chic & Style is a textile company specialised in made-to-measure high-end women’s clothing, prototypes, limited series and unique pieces. Founded in 1973 under the name Bremand Confection, which has always been synonymous with quality, the company was acquired in 2011 by Jean-François Giraud. His credo: to defend the Made in France, the values of know-how, chic and elegance “à la française” and textile innovation.

Chic & Style is oriented towards luxury ready-to-wear and haute couture and brings together outstanding craftsmen and textile manufacturing technicians, who have become the “little hands” of French and international designers of high-end women’s fashion. Thanks to their unique know-how, these craftsmen are capable of working all types of textiles, natural or synthetic, from cotton to precious fabrics. They are recognized for their mastery and expertise in the treatment of “flou” and destructured, as well as in the treatment of noble materials or those requiring a high level of technicality. The innovative company is one of the first in France to develop ultrasonic assembly, making it possible to make seamless clothing with a clean cut.

In 2012, Chic & Style launched a training program for its employees to increase their qualifications. It now has an internal trainer, which is a guarantee for its customers that know-how and quality are maintained within the company. The company strives to guide its customers through all the stages of their projects: consulting, manufacturing and logistics.