2019 edition: join us 3 and 4 April, at Le Carreau du Temple!

At a time when consumers want to return to local roots and greater transparency, Made in France Première Vision proposes to explore the know-how of manufacturers in the French fashion industry. During 2 days, about a hundred exhibitors will unveil their know-how and expertise.

This annual event promises visitors exceptional encounters with the best manufacturers from the main French production territories.

« The 1083 brand was launched in 2013. We manufacture fully relocated jeans and sneakers. We approach the subject of Made in France from a different angle than industrial and traditional readings. We really believe that this is the future. The connection is very important. It is by seeing and exchanging with fashion designers that little ideas can sprout to become great things. In one day, we have the opportunity to meet all our partners, it’s simple and practical. « Thomas Huriez, CEO of the 1083 brand

Made in France Première Vision
3 & 4 April 2019 / Carreau du Temple, Paris